Hanoi Jeep city tour - The thing you shouldn't miss

Hanoi Jeep Adventure is one of the most MUST-TRY thing you should do when you come to visit Hanoi. We not only show you the REAL Hanoi, but also give you happy moment with best take care

If you have any free time staying in Hanoi and don't know what to do, JOIN WITH OUR JEEP TOUR. Imagine when you sit on the open air ARMY JEEP, going through small streets, seeing how beautiful the scenery is, learning how the local people live and the way they earn their livings. It would be the most special experience ever. You also have chance to visit a REAL local people's house, trying some tropical fruits which were raised by the owner of the banana islands hidden inside the crowded city. All the thing you will feel be like WOW! How can I miss this?

Hanoi Jeep Tour Team will pick you up from your hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter. You will be greeted by our guide and driver at your hotel lobby or our meeting point for safety briefing, we then begin our adventure. On the first part of our Hanoi Jeep tour, we expose you the REAL HANOI with a day in the life experiences, featured with the parts-unknown of the city with slices of life in the maze of backstreets, tiny alleyways, local homes, schools, random markets and black market, experiencing where & how locals live, work and play. Other travel companies show just you the beautiful and tell you to run away from the bad and the weird of your destinations.

On Hanoi Jeep Tours’ journeys, not only do we show you the good but we also expose the bad and the weird of your destinations as it is what it is. For us, the run-off-the mill tourist sites are only the tip of the iceberg, the majority of your destinations remains hidden in the parts-unknown. On the second part Hanoi Jeep tour, we pass by & stop at the MUST-SEE places of our beautiful city such as Ho Chi Minh mausoleum-the Mecca of Vietnamese, the banana island where you can visit the local’s house, talk with them and learn about their tradition, the 1000 years old Buddhist, the enchanting French Quarter, the hustling & bustling Old Quarter, the romantic lakes of Hoan Kiem, West lake, Hanoi Opera House & famous Long Bien bridge etc.

On the third part of Hanoi Jeep tour, we also take you to the peaceful & allure out-skirt villages around West lake and Truc Bach lake to enrich your experiences about the contrast in harmony of life between the city center and her out-skirt as well as you would experience a hidden tranquil of Hanoi, a hectic of Hanoi with thousands of Skyscrapers in the new parts of the city. It is not only ride but a journey that you would learn about Hanoi before, now and then. On the last part of Hanoi Jeep tour, you will stop at different AUTHENTIC restaurants, eateries and food stalls to savor the tastiest of the tasty dishes of Hanoi including family heirloom & secret recipe dishes, local delicacies and specialties.

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